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Create a GameSnake account (which is and always will be free) and stay connected with the rides, riders and places to ride in your area. How about adding soccer, tennis, skiing, snowboarding or ultimate Frisbee to your cross-training diet? Or hiking, yoga and mountain climbing? Your GameSnake.com account will connect you with other pickup games and fitness activities that interest you (over one hundred sports to choose from),
right in your neighborhood.

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Be a trail advocate!

When you create your account on GameSnake.com, you will be asked to specify the sports and fitness activities in which you are interested. Selecting "Land Aid" as a sports preference will keep you informed about local trail maintenance activities in northeast Ohio parks and at Vulture's Knob. We hold a special place in our hearts for those that are passionate enough to donate blood,
sweat and tears to the cause.

As an added benefit of joining GameSnake.com, 331 Racing is going to see about hooking you up with special race promotions, access to closed events, special Vulture's Knob events, and prize drawings throughout the race and free ride season.