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GameSnake Inc.
190 North Union Street
Suite 300
Akron, OH 44304
Phone: 330-434-7873
Toll-free: 800-316-0072 E-mail Us

Incorporated in Ohio,
April 2004

Can you hear crickets?

If you hear the chirp of crickets in your facility instead of players, you could be losing money and free publicity opportunities.

An empty field, even for an hour, means money wasted on rent, utilities and staff. Fill the vacant time with pickup games and get more players and money into your facility! is a COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE that will help you to connect the players in your neighborhood with pickup games and events in over 100 sports, happening right in your facility.


  • Announce pickup games and events to thousands of users for free
  • Get new players in the door to see your facility and your offerings
  • Find active players and teams to fill holes in leagues
  • Generate free publicity - let players know what services you offer

Start listing pickup games and events today!

  1. Create a player account using your facility email address and the facility name as the username
  2. Find a vacant timeslot at your facility and list a game in one of over 100 sports
  3. Use our widget, PlayDar(TM) (Player Radar), to invite local players that would be interested in that game
  4. Use game invitations to remind players that your facility is active and waiting for them to participate
  5. Track RSVPs to see who has joined, and who might be undecided
  6. On game day, collect the drop-in fees at the door
  7. Encourage non-GameSnake members to create an account so they can get future game notices

Still need help? Let us show you how facilities have successfully used the GameSnake tools to find new members and also populate fallow court times. Simply complete this form and we will be glad to get you started on your way.

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