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Frequently Asked Questions

With all of these great features, how can GameSnake be free? 

Aside from A LOT OF PERSONAL TIME, ENERGY and DEVOTION, there hasn't been too many outrageous outlays of cash on our end so far. We know this will change, but we hope to balance any costs incurred by procuring investment, and also by accepting sponsors on certain parts of our site. Our goal is to always keep GameSnake a FREE service to you.

Why does GameSnake ask for personal information upon registration? 

The beauty of GameSnake is in its ability to find games that match your age, gender, skill level and sports preferences. We don't want men showing up at a female-only basketball game, or have twenty-year-olds showing up for a seniors bocce game. For these reasons, we ask for the following: e-mail, mailing address, gender, birth date and other personal information.

What if the sport I want to play isn't in the list of sports I can select? 

It just means we don't know about it. Let us know about the sport you would like to see, and we will put it in the list (if it is a multi-player sport).

Why can't I change my GameSnake nickname ?

Your nickname is a representation of you. Other players, team managers and league managers may only know you by your GameSnake nickname. We attribute your ranking, all Snake Skins (points), as well as all positive/negative feedback to your nickname. For these reasons, we do not allow you to change it willy-nilly.

What is a good GameSnake nickname for me? 

Try any of the following:
  • Use your first initial + last name (jSmith, fMcgrath)
  • Have fun with the name of your favorite sport (fastPitchr, soccerMom)
  • Use your last name + year of birth (smith1969)
  • Use your pet's name (spot, lucky)
Just remember... your nickname will be seen by other members, so keep it somewhat anonymous and VERY clean (profanity will get you removed quicker than you can say "foul!")

What are the different player rankings (jerseys)? 

When you play a game, other players in that game will be able to offer feedback about you. If you they thought you were a good sport, they might give you a good ranking (designated by a Green or Gold Jersey). If they think you are a bad sport, or if you did something they didn't agree with, they may give you a bad ranking (a Gray or red Jersey).

All feedback is gathered and averaged to determine your overall Player Ranking (and the corresponding Jersey). Player Rankings






When you start a game, players in that game will be able to offer feedback about how well the game was organized (was it on time, was the location ready for play, was there enough details about the game?) If they think you are a good starter, they might give you a good ranking (designated by four stars). If they think you could have done better, they may give you a lower ranking (zero to three stars).

All feedback is gathered and averaged to determine your overall Game Starter Ranking (and the corresponding number of stars). Game Starter Rankings

(0-.99 stars)

(1-1.99 stars)

(2-2.99 stars)

(3-3.99 stars)

(4+ stars)

What are the different Game Starter Rankings? 

When you play a game, you will be able to give the game starter (the person who set up the game in GameSnake) a GAME STARTER ranking from 1-5 (5 being the best).

Total Game Starter rankings from all players are averaged to find the game starter's overall "game starter ranking". That game starter then gets the appropriate starter jersey icon.

    (0-.99 stars)

    (1-1.99 stars)

    (2-2.99 stars)

    (3-3.99 stars)

    (4+ stars)

What are SnakeSkins™ ("skins") and what are they worth? 

For every new member you refer to, you will be awarded 1 SnakeSkins™ (we call them "Skins" for short).

With proper funding, we hope to have a reward system in the future. We are hoping that Skins will be able to be used toward GameSnake Gear in our snakestore™ or for discounts on sporting goods and services. Although we do not currently have a way for you to trade them in yet, keep inviting new players! We will keep a tally and when there is a reward system in place, your referrals will be counted!

Where did the name GameSnake come from? 

It was just one of many words that we threw around when trying to name GameSnake. Our service works much the same way a snake slithers through the grass trying to find food. Our search engines works their way through all of the available games trying to find the perfect match for you.

How will GameSnake succeed? 

GameSnake will only succeed if there are enough players willing to give it a chance. The more players, the more games. The more games, the better your chances are to find a pickup game that matches your interests. Because it is free and it is in your best interest, we hope you will be willing to refer your friends and get them to join.

Who is behind GameSnake? 

Find out out about GameSnake Inc.

What are the plans for the future? Can I partner with GameSnake? 

We have many BIG plans for the future, all will heavily rely on partners and how well GameSnake is adopted among users. If you are a potential partner, please contact us so we can tell you where we plan to take GameSnake.

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