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GameSnake Inc.
190 North Union Street
Suite 300
Akron, OH 44304
Phone: 330-434-7873
Toll-free: 800-316-0072 E-mail Us

Incorporated in Ohio,
April 2004

About GameSnake Inc.

Built on a shoe string budget GameSnake was started because three northeast Ohio players felt there had to be an easier way for athletes to find pickup games and teams. With that goal in mind, and on a shoestring budget, they spent their nights and weekends developing the idea which finally launched on the first day of Summer, 2004.

GameSnake is a free online service that matches players with pickup games and teams in over 80 sports. GameSnake uses a player's age, gender, location and sports preferences to match them with games and teams happening on the courts, fields and facilities in their area. GameSnake also offers team managers a suite of tools they can use to start and manage their team roster, team games and schedules. GameSnake has also added features to cater to athletes with disabilities. Athletes with disabilities can connect with other athletes and games that cater to their disabilities.


The GameSnake mission is to encourage participation in sports by bringing athletes together online to promote pickup games and teams within their communities.


GameSnake hopes to always keep the GameSnake service free for players and team managers. This will be done by covering costs through targeted advertising sales and paid sponsorship of events. There will also be the opportunity for sports marketers to utilize GameSnake to demo products and perform surveys of players and team managers. Future plans also include the creation of for-fee facility tools. These tools will allow facility managers and sports organizations the ability to find and invite players and teams to use their facilities, fields and courts. This will help to increase utilization of their facilities, and also drive up facility memberships and brand awareness.


Andrew P. Holland
GameSnake Partner and Business Manager
    Andrew Holland ("Drew") was born in Akron, Ohio, but lived in South Carolina, North Carolina and Wisconsin before returning to the Akron area. He attended and graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in Biology, and completed his independent study in the area of classical genetics. After college, he evaluated biological and chemical risk for a major underwriter. He returned to Akron to develop a start-up based on his father's patent on radio frequency identification ("RFID"). From there, he began collaborating with Publishing Solutions, Inc. ("Publishing Solutions") on software development. Through Publishing Solutions, he founded and is the president of the Interactive Media Group - an Internet Professional Services Group in Akron, OH.

    Drew is a volunteer teacher for Junior Acheivement, member of the University of Akron College of Business Administration CITE Technology Advisory Board, member of NEOSA and Greater Akron Chamber. Drew is also a Youth Soccer Coach for the Copley Athletic Association Drew uses GameSnake to find and start soccer games and tennis matches.

Andrew W. Hopkins
GameSnake Partner and Manager of Site Development

    Andrew ("Andy") was born in Akron, Ohio and continued on to graduate from Hudson High School. After graduation, he earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Akron. Andy was Webmaster in charge of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's Intranet before he joined the Interactive Media Group in Akron, Ohio as an Internet developer. Andy uses GameSnake to get involved with the following sports: baseball, cycling, disc golf, dodge-ball, hacky sack and skiing.

Glenn J. Somodi
GameSnake Partner and Interface Developer/Marketing Manager

    Glenn was raised in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, and currently resides in Brunswick, Ohio. After graduation, he earned a B.S. in Journalism/Advertising Management from Ohio University (Athens, Ohio). Glenn worked for a national prepress firm, Kreber Graphics in Columbus, Ohio where he handled the spanish edition of KMart San Juan's circulars. He then moved to Akron, Ohio to supervise electronic production at Malone Advertising. After Malone Advertising, he started inVision, an interactive division of Louis & Partners in Akron, Ohio. Glenn then joined Andrew Holland as Creative Director at the Interactive Media Group.

    Glenn is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and coaches for the Brunswick Youth Soccer Association. Glenn uses GameSnake to find ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, volleyball, soccer and paintball games.

We Would Love Bigger Shoe Strings

Interested in the future of GameSnake? Do you think you could find value in partnering with GameSnake? If you are interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities, please contact us!

What are the advertising and marketing opportunities?

GameSnake can offer marketers a GREAT way to reach people who play games. Our targeted opportunities allow marketers to reach an audience that wants to hear about sporting goods and services. It's an audience that actually USES sporting goods and services, and they use them often. Please see our Marketing Opportunities page for details.

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Looking for a story about a community-building concept that is free and member-promoted? We have collected some materials that you can mold into a great story! Visit our Media Center!

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