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What Is GameSnake?

The Golden JerseyGameSnake is a free online service that matches players with pickup games and teams in over 80 sports. GameSnake uses a player's age, gender, location and sports preferences to match them with games and teams happening on the courts, fields and facilities in their area. GameSnake also offers team managers a suite of tools they can use to start and manage their team roster, team games and schedules. GameSnake has also added features to cater to athletes with disabilities. Athletes with disabilities can connect with other athletes and games that cater to their disabilities.

See how GameSnake works...

GameSnake was created because we felt there has to be a simpler way to get players together to play sports. It is meant to:

  • Make it easy for players to find and join a game in their neighborhood.
  • Make it easy for players to start a game, and help them fill that game with players from their area.
  • Offer team managers one place where they can manage team members and game schedules and also invite other players or teams to play a game.
  • And more...

GameSnake has something for everyone: Game Players, Game Starters, Team Managers, Sports Facility Managers and Sporting Event Organizers!

How GameSnake Works

  1. First, you join GameSnake for FREE!
  2. You tell GameSnake a little about yourself, about the sports you want to play and where you want to play them.
  3. Games are started and listed in GameSnake by you or other players.
  4. GameSnake searches for available games in your area, determines which games match your interests and then lets you know about them. You can decide to join the games that match your interests. Each game listing has details about the game and where it is to be played, you just sign up and show up.
  5. If you have started a game, it helps recruit other players and lets you know how many players are signed-up.
  6. Learn about the people that you play with: their statistics, rankings, as well as any positive or negative feedback from other members who have played with them.

Earn Your Jersey!

Throughout the GameSnake system, players and game starters will have a ranking represented by a colored jersey. You will start out with a RED JERSEY (Benchwarmer). As other players offer their feedback about you, your jersey colors may change. The highest ranking is the GOLDEN JERSEY (All-Star).






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